What is your process?

In a creative meeting, I had the new art director turn to me and ask, “What is your process?” “I sit and write,” I replied while finishing up my notes from the meeting. “Yes, but what is your process?” He wasn’t being rude. He was trying to figure out how I work at writing. “I […]

Share It All

The other day, I was talking with a friend of mine who is a small business owner. She has a vintage customized rental trailer that won’t be finished until at least a month from now. In a quandary of whether or not she should promote the trailer for rent she asked me what I thought. […]

Designing an Editorial Calendar

Blog Bog You promised yourself that you would post. Regularly. Like clockwork. And, then after the first 20 or so posts you ran out of steam and ideas. I know it is hard coming up with new things to post about. Especially when looking at that dreaded cursor. Blinking at you. Were to start? What […]

What to write

Some say it is as simple as sitting down every day and writing. Some have great moments where the words just pour out of them. Others sit and look at the blinking cursor on the screen and silently scream inside their heads, “WHAT SHOULD I WRITE?” The trick to figuring that out is to just […]


Like a little rag doll the term content gets tossed around. It has become the out-of-the-box one-size-fits-all word of the day. To put it bluntly, content is the various ways you communicate with your customers. It could be a tri-fold brochure or a Twitter feed. Just depends on the best way to reach your clients. […]